Love story and doubts

Every one wishes for a world wind romance , few of us get it , most of us just keep dreaming…… But if your like me and you have that amazing love story you keep living in fear that its going to get ripped right from under you. 4 years ago i was a young sweet girl who had a crush on this older boy but said older boy had a girlfriend……. so i went on with my life…. soon enough they broke up and i finally got my chance and yes i got what i wanted we went on a few dates, they where great but because of one thing or another it just didn’t work out(i think i got him on the rebound) . These dates went on for a while till he suddenly moved away without me knowing . A year later i was out of town with my family and for one reason or another i decided to give him a call little did i know i was in the same city he was . We went on one amazing date and it was just like we where never apart. We always had a really good connection our kisses could move mountains . Sadly i had to go back home and leave him behind. Another year goes by and he calls me to tell me that he’s back in town for a few weeks . that was the week we fell in love, we spent every waking moment together ….., i also found out he was planing on joining the Navy…. we made the best out of those few weeks we had together but i needed him gone, i could not prolong what was going to happen my heart was breaking every moment we where together because i knew the closer i got the more it would hurt when he left ……… i was devistated when he left. we didn’t speak for a year and now he’s back. HE’S HERE TO SAY !! HE DIDINT JOIN THE NAVY!! AND WERE IN LOVE I KNOW HES THE ONE AND HE KNOWS IT TOO !But i cant shake this feeling that at any moment he’s just going to go again that at any moment he is going to pack up and leave me again and to be honest i dont think i can do it again. i dont think i can get my heart broken again i love him to much … am i crazy for thinking like this ? am i wrong to believe that this is too good to be true ? yes, we are both adults now and yes things are different now but in the back of my head im just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Any thoughts world ? any great advice ? words of wisdom? anything ? Image


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